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Kirkstall Forge

Getting from A to B the green way

16.05.2019 | Blog

People are no longer making decisions about how they get from A to B based purely on convenience and speed – the 21st century traveller now takes into account the impact their journey is having on the environment.

The increase in popularity of electric vehicles is perhaps the best example of this. No longer an impractical niche market which requires users to sacrifice comfort and practicality, electric and hybrid vehicles are now popular, mainstream choices.

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles now account for one in 12 vehicles on the roads, according to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, while major manufacturers like Mercedes have announced the production of fully-electric models. We recently read a great article about the move towards electric cars on UnSuburbia.

Car clubs, aided by increasingly functional software for smartphones, have also become more popular, meaning people only need to have a car when they need one, reducing the number of vehicles on our roads.

Sustainable travel is only possible with the right infrastructure, so forward thinking local authorities now factor in things like cycle lanes, walking routes and rail travel when planning our modern cities.

The location of Kirkstall Forge, combined with the facilities on site, mean that there’s a whole host sustainable transport options to get you where you want to be. The on-site train station offers half hourly services to Leeds in just six minutes, while a bus into Leeds takes about 20 minutes.

Walking, running or cycling to and from Kirkstall Forge is a great option, with direct access to the city centre along the tow path which runs beside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

You’ll also find bike and scooter hire available at Kirkstall Forge, as well as electric vehicle charging points, a car share scheme and car club.