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Kirkstall Forge

Taking a holistic approach to office space

14.02.2019 | Blog

What businesses look for in office space has changed drastically in recent years. It’s no longer just about location and square-footage. Business owners now have to take a holistic approach when it comes to making sure their staff stay happy, motivated and productive.

A recent report into SME productivity by Storey listed things like fast internet (36%), better meeting space (20%), break-out spaces for employees (15%) and improved kitchen facilities (7%) as the main drivers for increased productivity. Meanwhile research has shown that just one hour of physical activity, however moderate, offsets the negative effects of sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Coupled with access to green space, taking a lunch time break to walk or run outside can only benefit your health and wellbeing.

The problem for small businesses is that often all of the above comes with a substantial financial implication – the cost of furnishing and fitting a space, the cost of having somewhere with access to green space, the cost of having extra space for staff and clients to meet both formally and informally.

Forge Studios at Number One Kirkstall Forge are fitted to the highest standard, meaning small companies can enjoy fully furnished interior spaces at a fraction of what it would cost should they have taken on a similar fit-out themselves. Meanwhile tenants have access to everything from board rooms and meeting rooms to community activities like weekly yoga, boot camp sessions, bike hire and car club. The offices all have floor-to-ceiling windows, which offers views across the valley towards the nearby canal.

These kind of benefits are usually only enjoyed by bigger, more established firms, but being part of the Kirkstall Forge community means that size is irrelevant and small businesses can make sure their staff stay happy and healthy.